The Charitable Fund for Aali Housing was established with the activity and imagination of a group of people from the region in May / 1993. In 2011, the A'ali Housing Charitable Fund transformed into the Aali Housing Charitable Association and registered in the registry of social and cultural associations and clubs under registration number 6 / c / k. Since the foundation of the association until now, the association has undertaken various charitable works aimed at alleviating the need and suffering of poor and needy families and serving the people of the region in various fields.

The headquarters of the Society is in the  Kingdom of Bahrain, and the scope of its charitable work is the official geographical boundaries of the A'ali Housing District.


Our vision:
Together for leadership and excellence in charitable work for a solidarity society.


Our Mission:
Cooperating with pioneering charitable work for the development of the individual and society by meeting his basic needs and improving the standard of living, educational, cultural and social for families, especially needy families, for the sake of sustainable development and achieving social solidarity.


Our goals:
• Raise the educational and cultural level of families and society.
• Spreading the spirit of solidarity and communication between members of society and social institutions.
• Developing financial resources in various ways.
Deepening the association’s role in family and community development.
• Involving women in volunteer work and implanting a culture of volunteer women in society.
Consolidating the association's position in society.
• Taking care of orphans and the educationally poor and scholars.
• Providing a permanent headquarters for the association.


Our values:
• dignity
• Transparency
• Commitment to decisions
• Sincerity and partnership
• Communication
• Honesty


Your charity today is your paradise tomorrow.